Czech National Cancer Registry (NOR)

The Czech Republic possesses a unique instrument in this field that can serve as a model to other EU Member States. The Czech Republic keeps on a long-term basis (since 1977) its National Oncological Register (NOR) which is counted amongst the largest and highest quality databases in Europe. Above that, it is a representative and complete database as it contains data on all patients for the entire period under consideration. The keeping of this database is prescribed by law and is therefore obligatory. For the whole period under consideration the Register contains more than 1.4 million entries. The collection of data, its verification and storage currently cost around 10 million CZK yearly.

The data from NOR are absolutely essential for the planning of the needs of oncological care and the evaluation of its impact.

A presentation of epidemiology of malignant tumours in the Czech Republic is available to every citizen through the unique interactive national portal

Epidemiology of Malignant Tumours in the Czech Republic (SVOD)

Information on epidemiology of malignant tumours in the Czech Republic is available to all citizens at the national interactive portal In the area of NOR data interpretation and utilization a specific software named SVOD (Software for the Visualization of Oncological Data) is being developed since 2000 as a universal tool for visualization of population oncological data and oncological registers‘ data analysis.

NOR Technological Project (KSRZIS)

On the main portal of the Coordination Centre for Departmental Medical Information Systems one can find basic information on the NOR Technological Project, which represents a change in the electronic data storage and transfer from local databases to a single central NOR database. NOR Technological Project is only accessible with a security certificate or name and password