CSO Expert Sections

The Diagnostic and Predictive Oncology Section

Head of the Section: MUDr. Marián Hajdúch, Ph.D.
e-mail: hajduchm@atlas.cz

The Diagnostic and Predictive Oncology Section essentially promotes cancer research and prevention by developing and testing approaches for early detection of the disease, as well as highly sensitive and specific techniques for genetic and molecular diagnostics. Other topics are assessment of cancer susceptibility to and control of genotoxic exposures and research on the mechanisms that may lead to the development of neoplastic diseases. Predictive oncology also comprises identification of cancer prone individuals, prognostic evaluation of tumour markers in relation to therapeutic response or to disease development in general.

The Paediatric Oncology Section

Head of the Section: prof. MUDr. Tomáš Eckschlager, CSc.
e-mail: eckschlagertomas@yahoo.com

The main objectives of the Paediatric Oncology Section are: (1) to develop and spread the knowledge of medical and biological science as regards child cancer issues, (2) to implement this knowledge in the care of paediatric and adolescent cancer patients, and (3) to participate in lifelong education of its members.

The Surgical Oncology Section
Oncological Surgery Section

Head of the Section: prof. MUDr., DrSc. Miloslav DUDA
e-mail: miloslav.duda@fnol.cz

The main objectives of the Surgical Oncology Section are: (1) to act on the boundary between oncology and surgery, thus enhancing cooperation and communication between these disciplines; (2) to achieve the acknowledgement of surgical oncology as a specialisation of erudite surgeon within the Czech Cancer Society and the Czech Surgical Society; (3) to strengthen the role of surgeons in multidisciplinary cooperation, which will be beneficial for all involved disciplines and for the patients in particular.

The Pulmonary Oncology Section

Head of the Section: prof. MUDr. Miloš Pešek, CSc.
e-mail: pesek@fnplzen.cz

The Pulmonary Oncology Section deals not only with the classical methods of lung cancer treatment, but also with new approaches in the field, such as accelerated chemotherapy, early chest radiotherapy and maintenance treatment. Moreover, a series of new active cytotoxic agents and monoclonal antibodies has been recently introduced into the treatment guidelines. This fact requires correct monitoring of the therapeutic effects in clinical practice with focus on treatment efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness as well. The complexity of these modalities makes it more and more necessary to institute an integrated multidisciplinary approach when embarking on treating a lung cancer patient.

The Psycho-Oncology Section

Head of the Section: Mgr. Kalvodová
e-mail: lkalvod@fnbrno.cz

The Psycho-Oncology Section comprises of psychologists who work at oncology departments or in hospices and are members of the Czech Cancer Society (CCS). Under the patronage of CCS, the Section makes effort (1) to highlight the urgent need of psycho-oncologists which would be available to each cancer patient, (2) to support the professional growth of its members, and (3) to actively participate in national and international events. It is necessary to convince health care professionals that therapeutic and diagnostic methods used in psycho-oncology are very different from routine medical treatment, but the final objective is the same: to bring the maximum benefit to cancer patients.

The Urologic Oncology Section

Head of the Section: Doc. MUDr. Abrahámová, DrSc.
e-mail: onkolog@ftn.cz

The Urologic Oncology Section coordinates collaboration and communication between urologists’ and oncologists’ participating in the diagnostics and/or treatment of patients with urologic malignant neoplasms. Additionally, the Section has initiated the standardisation of recommended diagnostic and treatment procedures for urological cancers. The Section managed to incorporate these recommendations into the guide book valid both for urology and oncology, to be issued in 2009.

The Dermatologic Oncology Section

Head of the Section: prof. MUDr. Petr Arenberger, DrSc
e-mail: arenberg@mbox.cesnet.cz

The Dermatologic Oncology Section has been established in response to the ever increasing incidence of malignant melanoma and to the worldwide recommendation to concentrate melanoma care into specialised centres. The Section aims to create a system to integrate several activities which have been run independently to date: diagnostics and treatment of malignant melanoma, education of the professional and the general public, and a coordinated system of cooperation with the media as a substantial effort in melanoma prevention programme. The Section closely cooperates with the Czech Society of Dermatology and Venereology.

The Cancer Genetics Working Group

New section, organised by: prim. MUDr. Lenka Foretová,PhD.
e-mail: foretova@mou.cz

The Cancer Genetics Working Group (CGWG) was established in 2006 under the patronage of the Czech Cancer Society and the Czech Society of Medical Genetics. The working group is focused on genetic testing of cancer patients. The Cancer Genetics Working Group regularly issues recommendations for procedures to be conducted in potential genetically-determined conditions which could possibly lead to cancer development.

The Health Care Informatics and Cancer Epidemiology Section

New section, organised by: doc. RNDr. Ladislav Dušek, Ph.D.
e-mail: dusek@iba.muni.cz

The main strategic goal of the Section is to establish a uniform platform for information and analytic support, equally available to all cancer centres in the Czech Republic. The Section was primarily established as supportive activity, focused on the processing of available data sources and on the collection of needed clinical data. In addition to this, the section has managed to promote visible research activities, namely in the field of predictive modeling using cancer data. Expert teams working in the Section are incorporated in many projects that are closely related to informatics and data analysis, from the processing of epidemiological data to clinical trials and research registries. The section has managed to initiate a standardized proposal of electronic patient’s record and currently guarantees its implementation in clinical practice. The section is responsible for mastering and updating of analytic web portals focused on the epidemiology of malignant tumors, clinical registries or the network of cancer centers.