Czech oncology – its place in Europe

International organizations

The CSO is represented in the following international organizations: ESMO, EACR, ESO, WFSOS.

The EUROCARE study

The Czech Society for Oncology strongly objects to the output that was published in EUROCARE-4 Study.

Resolution on combating cancer in the enlarged European Union

On April 10 2008 members of the European Parliament (EP) passed a Resolution by which they draw attention to the dramatic rise in incidence of this illness in Europe. The European parliamentarians consider prevention to be the best combat strategy and ask the Commission to allocate finances in the 7th Framework Programme for the support of research and innovation in the area of primary prevention, screening and timely diagnosis of cancer and new medicines and treatment. The Czech Society for Oncology (CSO) is providing information on the current situation in the Czech Republic in the statement.


In the Czech Republic oncologist train for two years in the area of internal medicine, after which attestation follows in the area of either radiotherapy or clinical oncology. Czech oncologists can also take advantage of continuous life-long learning. Medical doctors from other fields (ORL, surgery, stomatology, etc.) can supplement their education with institute study, but only in their field of original expertise.