Informations for Patients and Public

The demand for securing of distribution of best practices in treatment and care through networks of medical workers so as to ensure that citizens have access to the best available treatment is in the Czech Republic supported by the internet site The web is designed for professional public but also - in a huge special section - to people diagnosed with oncological illness, their friends and family.

Further, at the “National Oncological Programme On-line” at the network of complex oncological centres is presented, their equipment and projects in progress.

Information on epidemiology of malignant tumours in the Czech Republic is available to all citizens at the national interactive portal

The CSO is determined to provide patients, their families and friends with the maximum amount of information related to oncological illnesses. In daily praxis the aspiration of the patient to learn more about the disease often collides with heavy workload of doctors at ambulances and most of all with the inability of the patient to apprehend the information provided in stressful environment of a medical facility. The work of CSO members has resulted in a section of website devoted to general public. It concentrates at one place detailed and professionally guaranteed information on diagnoses, treatment options, oncology centres, treatises, statistics on incidence of tumour diseases and psychologist’s assistance. The section also deals with prevention, draws attention among other things to healthy life style and introduces the programme of preventive checks. The internet source of information on cancer will be publicised through posters and cards freely available in surgeries and waiting rooms of oncological workplaces. Linkos for patients is an exceptionally complex source of information. The web is regularly updated with new information. Its visit rate is over 40 000 accesses monthly and it therefore belongs among the most visited medical websites in the Czech Republic, reaching top 5 in 2010.