About Linkos: “What is missing in English version”

English version of this site is, compared to the Czech one, simplified - extensive educational parts and large databases are omitted.

This site in its Czech version is designed not only for the professional public but in a specialized section also for people diagnosed with a tumour, their families and friends. The site is regularly updated and fed with new information. It receives over 30 000 visitors every month and is therefore among the most visited websites with health related content in the Czech Republic.

English version of this site is designed only to inform about activities of the Czech Society for Oncology and to inform about Czech oncology generally.

What is missing in the English version, e.g.:

Organizational information:

  • CSO Address List
  • Minutes from CSO Board Meetings
  • CSO Expert Sections
  • Principle of cytostatic treatment of malignant diseases – clinical guidelines of CSO

Information on education and praxis:

  • Database of clinical guidelines and recommendations in oncology
  • Database of domestic conference abstracts
  • Czech oncological books (database)
  • Oncological Journals (database)
  • Continuous Literature Information Service
  • Drug database
  • From the Congresses

Part for Oncological nurses

  • Information for Oncological nurses
  • Oncological Care – Journal of the Czech Association of Nurses, Oncology Section

Part for patients:

  • Large part aimed at patients and their families and friends