Advanced Technologies

17. 10. 2010 - 21. 10. 2010, Beijing, China

Cíle kurzu

  • Understanding of the principles and background of IMRT and IGRT
  • Knowledge on the impact of various geometrical uncertainties and where they can be minimised
  • Knowleddge of QA of IMRT and IGRT
  • An overview of available techniques, being able to choose between techniques and knowledge of their limitations
  • Planar and 3D in room imaging
  • Workflow and efficiency at the department for implementation of IMRT and IGRT
  • Clinical rationale, limitations and evidence for advanced technologies
  • knowledge of inverse treatment planning optimisation, biological optimisation and dose painting


Kontakt: 2010 Courses

Web: http://www.estro-e...s/Beijing2010.aspx

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