Cancer Prevention in the Czech Republic

The CSO actively supports all the screening programmes and activities leading to timely diagnosis of tumour diseases.

In the Czech Republic three screening programmes aimed at early diagnosis of breast, cervical and colorectal cancers are currently in place. Vaccination against human papillomaviruses (HPV) that protects young women from cervical cancer is also accessible. Men over 50 years of age pass standard procedures for establishment of the level of prostate specific antigen (PSA). An elevated level of this substance in the blood leads to further detailed diagnosis of the prostate gland. The CSO supports all screening programmes and other activities contributing to early detection of tumour illnesses. It identifies with the EP’s call for the introduction of further techniques of early diagnosis as soon as they are scientifically confirmed. At the moment this is true especially for colorectal carcinoma diagnostics. The CSO is preparing together with Gastroenterological Society of the Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně a proposal for preventive examination that should iclude in addition to detection of concealed haemorrhage in the stool (haemoccult) also endoscopic examination of the colon (colonoscopy) in the 50th year of age.

Breast Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

This website has been developed in order to enhance the public awareness of breast cancer screening, and to coordinate the professional activities related to breast cancer screening. This research project is guaranteed by the Expert Committee for Mammary Diagnostics. The project involves also running of server MAMO.CZ, which serves primarily for the presentation of results of the Czech breast screening programme. The web brings the latest information for doctors and serves also as a communication platform among the screening centres and the executives who run the mammography screening. The server is beneficial primarily for the target population of mammography screening.

Cervical Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

The official website of the project entitled Cervical Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic. This website has been developed in order to enhance the public awareness of screening issues and cervical cancer, and to coordinate the professional activities related to cervical cancer screening in the Czech Republic.

Information for oncoprevention for patients and public is available on the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute web pages. A toll-free telephone is also available: 800 222 322 and The Oncology Information Centre at Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Brno distributes information materials with oncopreventive content.

The Quality of Life Clinical Research Centre

The Centre is dedicated to promoting clinical research concerning the quality of life, organizing expert seminars, providing training to graduate and postgraduate students and developing information and educational materials for patients and their family members. While the Centre is not an independent research and training institute, membership is conditioned by participation in a project supported by a national or a European agency, or by working on a graduate or doctoral thesis in the field of quality of life.