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Czech Society for Oncology

The Czech Society for Oncology (CSO) is a voluntary independent association of physicians, pharmacists and other professionals working in healthcare (oncology in particular) and related services. As of October 2017, CSO had 952 members. CSO pays attention to development and spreading of scientifically proved findings in oncology and related fields, striving to use them in cancer care and putting a special emphasis on cancer prevention. CSO is engaged in the lifelong education of physicians and is an active partner in the transformation of management and financing of the Czech healthcare system. CSO also supports the development of cancer screening programmes and cooperates with several patients organisations and always defends interests of cancer patients, who are empowered by a constant access to regularly updated on-line information on cancer prevention and treatment, thus enhancing their participation in treatment.

On this pages visitors can find basic information about Czech National Cancer Control Programme of the Czech republicCzech Cancer Centre Network, information about National Cancer screening programmes, main figures related to cancer epidemiology and prove of improvement of cancer care and prolonged survival of cancer patients in the Czech republic. 

This part of the Linkos is also home of an online English version of the Journal of Czech and Slovak Oncological Societies called Klinická onkologie. Klinicka onkologie is a professional transnational journal dealing with a variety of cancer problems. The journal is focussed on publishing results of cancer research, particularly clinical, and on reader´s feedback which helps to promote effective cancer prevention, diagnostics and treatment.  The journal is designed for physicians, researchers and academics, but it may serve as a useful tool for undergraduate and postgraduate students.  All contributions except for reports, discussions and letters are reviewed by external peer-review process.

Czech Cancer Care in Numbers presentation of the Czech Society for Oncology

The poster was presented on ESMO 2017 Congress in Spain ...by the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University ...on behalf of the Board of the Czech Society for Oncology