Oncological Programme of the Czech Republic


  • Lowering of incidence and mortality rates of tumor diseases.
  • Improvement of quality of life of cancer patients
  • Make the best use of available resources for cancer diagnosis and treatment in the Czech Republic
  • Optimising approach to modern diagnostic and treatment methods


  • Fight against malignant tumors as part of countrywide and regional political agenda.
  • Fight against malignant tumors as the life interest of lay and professional public.
  • Emphasising importance of cancer risk factors and decreasing their effects
  • Ensuring early and effective diagnosis of cancer
  • Ensuring equity in accessibility of cancer care for all patients, including palliative care
  • Sustainability of the fight against cancer by cost control
  • Assessment and continuous evaluation of indicators, outputs and outcomes, functioning and effectiveness of NOP. Annual commentary on the fulfilment, optionally revision and supplementation.
  • Sustainability of the fight against cancer by cost control.
  • Supporting clinical oncology as an important and stand-alone specialty
  • International co-operation and harmonization in the framework of EU and WHO partnership structures.


  1. Expert support for tumor prevention training at schools. Popularization of primary tumor prevention with the public. Lowering of smokers number, primarily among youth and women. Support for positive changes in lifestyle and nutrition.
  2. Ensure longterm functioning and auditing of screening programmes of breast carcinoma, carcinoma of the cervix and colorectum carcinoma. Simultaneously evaluate the influence of parascreening investigations in the population.
  3. Improve early diagnostics of malignant tumors, particularly in co-operation with practitioners. Inovate preventive checkup content to integrate the detection of oncological, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
  4. Name a net of centres of complex diagnostics-treatment of oncological care, accredited by CSO on the basis of four competences: qualification, equipmet, self-evaluation and communication. Create a Council of Oncocentres of the Czech Republic as a tool for activity coordination.
  5. Enforcement of equity, that is accessibility of the whole population to comparable oncological services and prevention information, diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases.
  6. Ensure the anchoring and stability of processes for palliative and terminal care. Support development of home care. Observe the state of quality of life and pain treatment of patients with advanced malignant tumors.
  7. Support for continuity, stabilization, modernization and practical utilisation of National Oncological Register of the Czech Republuic Database for controlled preventive and diagnosis-treatment care in oncology.
  8. Support for applied oncological research and inovation. Introduction of HTA (health technology assessment) in oncology. Support for education in oncology.

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