National Cancer Control Programme

“The right treatment for the right patient at the right time and at the right place.”

the Czech National Oncological Programme’s motto

NOP - Czech National Cancer Control Programme was created in accordance with the conditions and needs of the Czech Republic and in compliance with the conclusions of WHO Consultation on Strategies to Improve and Strengthen Cancer Control Programmes in Europe held 25. - 28. 11. 2003 in Geneva with representatives of the Czech Society for Oncology, League Against Cancer and Ministry of Health and approved and recommended for realization by the Board of the Czech Society for Oncology and Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health.

It was concluded at the deliberations of WHO that the Czech Republic has been occupying in the past years inadvertent leading positions in the incidence and mortality rates of selected malignant tumors, nevertheless the availibility and quality of oncological care can withstand comparison to other developed countries. But we were missing a comprehensive officially formulated and approved programme for battling malignant tumors.

It is apparent that our population is ageing and the issue of malignant tumors will in the future be even more in the spotlight. It is therefore necessary to set a complex of measures and tasks that will moderate or stop the increase and in case of some tumor diagnosis reverse the tendency. National Oncological Programme will also serve to improve the know-how of other countries as to the pursuit of oncological service in the Czech Republic and to spread the name of our oncology in the world.

The former President of the Republic, Vaclav Klaus, supports the NOP.