The trend of epidemiological indices of malignant breast tumours


Klin Onkol 1994; 7(1): 14-22.

An analysis of the breast cancer morbidity revealed the following results. The World Standard (WST) for the Czech Republic represents 44 cases per 100 thousands females per year. Its value increased by 10 cases per 100 thousands per year over the last 15 years. The Dg. 174 with its 16 to 17 % among all female cases has been permanently dominant in the female population, its absolute incidence being 3 468 and absolute mortality 1907 cases in 1990. Mortality has been steadily declining since 1965 and represents 55 % of incidence at present. The increased incidence is concerning mainly the females over 45 years of age, and the increased mortality concerns the females over 60 years of age. 4 500 new cases of breast cancer can be expected in 2000 A. D., i. e. about 80 cases per 100 thousands females. For all cases of cancer, the number of surviving females has been exceeding the number of deceased females be-neaith 50 years of age, the ratio is reversed at females above the age. For breast cancer is the corresponding limit 65 years of age. The incidence is markedly Increasing after 40 years of age. The clinical stages of III and IV for Dg. 174 in the population of 49,267 females over 14 years have been represented with 38.4 % in the Czech Republic, with 36.1 % in five South-Moravian districts, and with 35.4 % at Brno. 12 districts of the Czech Republic is presented with it geographical distribution in the end, with the values of the SIR from 116.3 to 161.1.