About the Journal

Klinická onkologie (The Journal of the Czech and Slovak Societies for Oncology) is the official journal of the Czech Society for Oncology of the Czech Medical Society of J. E. Purkyně and the Slovak Society for Oncology published by the Czech Medical Society of J. E. Purkyně. The journal is intended for physicians, researchers and other professionals who deal with a wide range of issues related to cancer.

Klinicka onkologie is an open access journal. It is published six times a year and is accessible on the website of the Czech Society for Oncology (/casopis-klinicka-onkologie/). The journal is indexed in Czech and international bibliographic databases, including the MEDLINE/PubMed. In 2017, we recorded 49,580 visits to the journal webpage and 8,369 downloads of full-text articles. In addition, each month 1,200 pieces of the journal were printed and distributed.

Papers written in Czech, Slovak and English are accepted. All contributions except for discussions and letters to editor are reviewed by external peer-review process. Manuscript preparation must comply with the requirements for manuscript publication in biomedical journals set forth by the ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors). All peer-reviewed articles published in Klinicka onkologie have assigned their DOI identifiers. There are no fees for publishing in Klinicka onkologie. For detailed instructions for authors go to the page “Information for Contributors”.

Aims and Scope of the Journal

Klinicka onkologie is a professional multidisciplinary journal publishing articles focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research of cancer. The aim of the journal is to contribute to the dissemination of new knowledge in the field of oncology, particularly in Central Europe. These activities are essential mainly in this part of Europe where the incidence of cancer occupies one of the highest positions in the world statistics. The journals also enables professional discussion.

Journal Details

Print ISSN: 0862-495X 
e-ISSN (online): 1802-5307

6 issues yearly

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INDEXED IN Index Copernicus

Czech Medical Society of J.E. Purkyne
Sokolska 31, 120 26 Praha 2, the Czech Republic

Editorial Office:
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno
Zluty kopec 7, 656 53 Brno, The Czech Republic
E.mail: klinickaonkologie@mou.cz

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