Anthracycline cardiotoxicity from the pharmacoeconomical point of view


Klin Onkol 1997; 10(3): 88-89.

The authors are analysing the costs of cardiac failure treatment in anthracycline treated cancer patients. They compare the costs of cardiac insufficiency treatment with the cost of cardioprotection by cardioxane. The cost of basic cardiac insufficiency treatment in a model patient without cardioprotection reaches a value of approximately 7,700 Kc, in 5 years nearly 39,000 Kc. The price of the cardioprotective agent Dexrazoxane ranges according to the given dose, usually 6 ampules are given, respectively 12 ampoules around 28,300 Kc and 56,667 Kc, respectively. In this analysis, the costs of hospitalisation, diagnostic and more complicated therapeutic approaches are not considered, as well as those which cannot be financially expressed, such as the quality of life. Thes analysis shows that cardioprotective treatment is indicated not only from the ethical, but even from the economical point of view.