Knowledge Transfer at the RECAMO Summer School of 2013


Klin Onkol 2014; 27(1): 60-63.


Scientists early in their careers do not often get a chance to meet with their peers in a well‑structured professional environment to discuss and compare their initial experiences and results. Creating just such an opportunity, a meeting held on August 18−22, 2013 in Litohor, Czech Republic, titled ‘Summer School – Methods of Basic and Translational Cancer Research’, was organized by the Regional Centre of Applied Molecular Oncology at the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute and funded by IntegRECAMO project (EU funds, reg. no. CZ.1.07/ 2.3.00/ 20.0097). The participants included senior and junior scientists, as well as PhD students. Educational activities involved various formats: 1. hands‑ on activities, 2. educational talks, 3. junior and PhD student talks with many presentations in English, 4. science‑related excursions, 5. an environment for informal researcher interactions, 6. reports from visits to distant laboratories. Each participant spoke for 20 minutes or more, introducing the methods performed in their laboratory and sharing their recently obtained data. The talks ranged from basic and pre‑clinical research to clinical methods. In this report, basic and pre‑clinical research is presented first, followed by clinically relevant methods and practices. Here we present overview of selected talks.

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