The administration of G-CSF as a treatment of myelotic chemotherapy induced granulocytopenia in patients with testicular tumours


Klin Onkol 1993; 6(5): 137-141.

The G-CSF was given to three patients, who were suffering from advanced generalised testicular tumors to accelerate the reparation of granulocytopenia induced by high dose myelotoxic chemotherapy. No side effects where noticed and the effect of G-CSF on the normalisation of the peripheral blood granulocytes count was significant. It has to be pointed that the application of G-CSF may be limited by chemotherapy induced profound trombocyto-penia and a high price of recombinant G-CSF. The possibility of using this supportive therapy improves the quality of the patients life, minimising the side effects of chemotherapy and improving the survival chances of our patients.