Molecular Predictors in Head and Neck Tumours


Klin Onkol 2010; 23(4): 218-223.

This review summarizes biological markers of head and neck cancer, which have emerged from recent developments in molecular changes during carcinogenesis. These markers could be evaluated in every step that is believed to be necessary for the development of a cancer: acquisition of autonomous proliferative signalling (EGFR), proliferative activity of tumour cells (DNA content, Ki-67, mitotic index), inhibition of growth inhibitory signals (Bcl-2), apoptosis (p53), immortalization (telomerase), angiogenesis (CD34, VEGF) and metastasis (MMP-9, E-cadherin, I- CAM aj.). Most of these biological markers are at the preclinical research stage. Significant progress has been achieved in the application of targeted therapy in head and neck cancer.