Paraneoplastic Vasculitis in a Patient with Cervical Cancer


Klin Onkol 2014; 27(4): 287-290. DOI: 10.14735/amko2014287.


Background: Paraneoplastic syndromes precede the diagnosis of malignancy. Early detection of paraneoplastic syndrome may lead to detection of malignancy in its early and potencially curable stage. Differential diagnostic process of rare paraneoplastic vasculitis requires multidisciplinar cooperation between rheumatologists, radiologists and oncologists. Case: 41-year- old female patient with cervical cancer in stage IVB (paraaortic lymphadenopathy) and clinical symptoms of acute vasculitis was admitted to our ward for oncological treatment. Chemoradiotheraphy was initiated concurently with corticotherapy. During the treatment we observed alleviation of vasculitis-related symptoms. Ongoing follow-up, however, brought no further improvement in vasculitis-related symptoms. This lead us to suspiction of recurrence, confi rmed on CT scan. Paliative chemotherapy was without any effect and due to worsening performance status was terminated. Conclusion: The activity of vasculitis was closely associated with the activity of primary malignant disease. Early recognition of paraneoplastic syndrome may contribute not only to diagnosis of malignancy, but is helpfull during follow-up of these patients.

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