Glomus Tumor of the Finger – Case Report


Klin Onkol 2015; 28(2): 130-133. DOI: 10.14735/amko2015130.


Background:  Glomus tumor is a rare disease of the nail apparatus. It is a well-defined tumor of 1 cm size in diameter, which originates from glomus cells of glomus bodies. Despite a well-defi ned clinical picture and histological information, the disease causes long-time difficulties and discomfort for patients that may be diagnosed only after several years of repeated inefficient treatment. Materials and Methods: In our female patient, three years passed from the onset of the first symptoms of the tumor to final diagnosis. The patient had to undergo many tests and examinations, but the final diagnosis was proven on the basis of clinical experience. Results: New findings and knowledge about the diagnosis of glomus tumor are relevant for a number of medical fields because the patients with similar problems and unexplained persistent pain of the nail can be treated at various clinical departments.

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