Malignant Lymphomas – Past, Present and Future


Klin Onkol 2015; 28(Suppl 3): 55-63. DOI: 10.14735/amko20153S55.


This review summarizes the key steps on the way to understanding lymphoma biology and management. The history of lymphomas started in 1832 when Thomas Hodgkin first presented lymphomas. Classification of lymphoproliferative tumors has changed almost every 10 years as a refl ection of deeper knowledge of this disease. Systemic therapy has developed in several steps starting by monotherapy with different chemotherapeutic agents, followed by the era of combination chemotherapy and by the rituximab era, which significantly changed the treatment paradigm. Several years ago, we entered into the fourth era characterized by many different targeted treatments. Radiotherapy remains an important part of lymphoma management. Lymphoproliferative tumors incidence is growing but mortality has started to decline starting in the year 2000 as the refl ection of targeted therapy based on biology and pathogenesis.

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