Klin Onkol 2020; 33(6): 458-462. DOI: 10.48095/ccko2020458.

Background: Activating BRAF mutations result in constitutive activation of the MAP kinase signaling cascade, stimulating cell proliferation. BRAF mutations are typical for malignant melanoma, but occur less frequently in other tumors, including in 1–2% cases of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) [1,2]. Case: We present two case reports of BRAF+ NSCLC patients, treated with 3rd line dabrafenib monotherapy on our department, and also brief review of available information about dabrafenib and its use in monotherapy of BRAF+ NSCLC. Conclusion: Monotherapy with BRAF inhibitors presents a viable alternative for BRAF+ NSCLC patients, incapable of combined therapy with trametinib. The lack of proper indication and reimbursement for NSCLC cases remains a problem, and individual treatment approval is required.


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