Disclosures of Potential Conflicts of Interests

Declaration must be filled-in by every author and co-author of article/contribution. The editorial office draws attention to circumstances that it considers to be conflict of interests that must be declared and describes the declaration format.

Conflict of interests arises when directly the author or co-author(s) of an article/contribution have or in the past two years have had one of the further mentioned relationships with a commercial company which owns patents and/or licenses for sale or distribution of medicines, services, diagnostic material or other substances, methods, machines or software cited in the article/contribution. Conflict of interests does not arise when the employer of author/co-authors is supported.

Following relationships of the author/co-authors are considered to give rise to conflict of interests:

  • employee of a company mentioned above (irrespective whether part or full-time)
  • consultant paid by a company mentioned above (including ad hoc contracts)
  • owner of shares of a company mentioned above
  • recipient of a financial gift from a company mentioned above
Disclosures of Potential Conflicts of Interests
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