Klin Onkol 2007; 20(3): 243-247.

Backgrounds: The aim of our study was to evaluate our sample of patients and discuss current opinions on the breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy or within one year after the delivery. Design and Subjects: Between the years 2002 and 2006 ten women were referred to our department, seven with the diagnosis of breast cancer during pregnancy, three within one year after the delivery. The treatment was sellected individually with respect to the stage of pregnancy, the stage of the disease and to the patient’s decision. The average age at the time of the diagnosis, the treatment chosen, the way of delivery, the newborn’s and mother’s condition were recorded.
Methods and Results: The average age was 32.2. Two patients underwent termination of the pregnancy, in one patient a breast conserving surgery was performed, in two patients chemotherapy was administered, in three patients we induced preterm delivery, three patients delivered via caesarean section, two patients delivered spontaneously. After delivery we followed standard therapeutic guidelines. All of the children were healthy, in one newborn rectal atresia was diagnosed and the infant was operated on. Two of our patients have died, the contact with one of them has been lost and the rest of the patients are alive. Conclusions: Breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy is a rare situation, which needs to be managed individually as there is a lack of information about such patients. These patients should be treated in specialized centers.