First experience in the Czech Republic with perirectal hydrogel injection before radiotherapy for prostate cancer


Klin Onkol 2020; 33(6): 440-444. DOI: 10.48095/ccko2020440.

Purpose: SpaceOAR® is a Food and Drug Administration approved hydrogel injection used to create space between the prostate and rectum before prostate radiotherapy (RT). This bio­degradable hydrogel was not available in the Czech Republic until 2019. We present our first experience as a new established SpaceOAR® centre. We namely focused on technical difficulties with a new procedure and possible medical complications. Methods: We injected SpaceOAR® to 58 patients indicated for prostate RT due to prostate cancer. Prospectively and retrospectively, we monitored the learning curve and complication rate and we assessed the feasibility as an out-patient procedure in the Czech medical environment. Results: The procedure is technically feasible as an out-patient procedure in a urological office. The learning curve with reasonable ultrasound experience and adequate equipment is acceptably short. The number of complications which might be associated with hydrogel injection was very low, with one exception in our centre – ulceration of the rectum. Conclusion: SpaceOAR® injection is a minimally invasive out-patient procedure with expected minimum complications and it is easy to learn.

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