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Atasoy BM, Yonal O, Demirel B et al.: The impact of early percutaneus endoscopic gastrostomy placement on treatment completeness and nutritional status in locally advanced head and neck patients receiving chemoradioherapy. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2012; 269:275-282.


Studie s komentářem PSNPO

Ries A, Trottenberg P, Elsner F et al.: A systematic review on the role of fis oil for the treatment of kachexie in advanced cancer: An EPCRC kachexie guidelines project. Palliative Medicine 26(4) 294-304

Studie s komentářem PSNPO.


Deutz NEP, Safar A, Schutzler S et al.: Muscle protein synthesis in cancer patiens can be stimulated with a speciály formulated medici food. Clinical Nutrition 30 (2011) 759-768