EANM / ESTRO Seminar on PET in Radiation Oncology

20. 11. 2010 - 21. 11. 2010, European Association of Nuclear Medicine, Vienna, Austria


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Vzdělavací program

  1. Lectures/slides available to participants before the course:
    • Basics of RTP for nuclear medicine physicians
    • Basics of PET for radiation oncologists
  2. Hands-on workshops on:
    • Basic RTP in NSCLC and HNSCC
    • Advanced PET-based RTP including examples of brain, oesophagus and pelvic malignancies
  3. Copies of lectures will be provided:
    • Impact of PET in staging: stage migration (focus on NSCLC, lymphoma, oesophagus).
    • Requirements of PET acquisition and data processing for incorporation in staging: (re)positioning, gating.
    • Technical issues of PET: filters, thresholds, image fusion, pitfalls
    • The use & added value of PET for RTP and treatment follow-up (including discussions on tracer development) for several tumour sites (NSCLC, HNSCC, Cervical cancer, Brain Tumours, Oesophageal Cancer, Malignant Lymphoma, Prostate cancer)
    The instructors are available to discuss specific issues regarding these lectures upon request of the participants during the course
  4. Discussion of case reports provided and presented by the participants

Kontakt: info@eanm.org

Web: http://www.estro-e...ienna2010-PET.aspx

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