Educational Cancer Convention Lugano: What is New in Haemato-Oncology?

17. 4. 2010 - 18. 4. 2010, Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano, Switzerland

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17 April

11:00 Welcome and opening
F. Cavalli, CH - A. Costa, CH and IT

11:10 Extranodal lymphomas
Chair:M. Gospodarowicz, CA - E. Zucca, CH

11:10 Primary CNS lymphomas
A.J.M. Ferreri, IT

11:30 Secondary CNS involvement: Who needs, and which type of, CNS prophylaxis?
C. Thieblemont, FR

11:45 Pathogenesis of ocular adnexal lymphoma
M. Ponzoni, IT

12:05 Marginal-zone B-cell lymphomas
E. Zucca, CH

12:35 Genito-urinary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
U. Vitolo, IT

12:55 Primary mediastinal lymphoma
P.W.M. Johnson, UK

13:15 Poster session and lunch

14:15 Key-note lecture
Molecular pathology of B-cell lymphoma
R. Dalla Favera, US

14:45 Oral presentation of clinical cases based on abstracts submitted by the participants Category:Lymphomas
Chair: M. Ghielmini, CH - P.W.M. Johnson, UK

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Leukaemias
Chair:T. Barbui, IT - B. Lowenberg, NL

16:00 Key-note lecture
Is molecular biology something more than occupational therapy for basic scientists?
M.F. Fey, CH

16:30 Acute myeloid leukaemia
B. Lowenberg, NL

17:00 Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
M. Hallek, DE

17:30 Myeloproliferative neoplasms Ph negative
T. Barbui, IT

18:00 Oral presentation of clinical cases based on abstracts submitted by the participants Category:Leukaemias
Chair: M.F. Fey, CH - T.A. Lister, UK

18:40 S. Salvatore Foundation - Award Ceremony and Lecture

19:10 Violin-piano concert by M.F. Fey and P. Villiger

18 April

  • 9:00 Lymphomas and myeloma
    Chair:F. Cavalli, CH - R.A. Stahel, CH

    9:00 Key-note lecture
    New biological determinants in lymphoma
    G. Salles, FR

    9:30 Follicular lymphomas
    M. Ghielmini, CH

    9:50 Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
    G. Salles, FR

    10:10 T-cell lymphomas
    P.L. Zinzani, IT

    10:30 Coffee break

    10:50 Mantle-cell lymphoma
    M. Dreyling, DE

    11:10 Autologous transplantation in lymphoma:Has rituximab changed the scenario?
    J.O. Armitage, US

    11:35 The role of PET
    T.A. Lister, UK

    12:00 Multiple myeloma
    A. Palumbo, IT

    12:30 Oral presentation of clinical cases based on abstracts submitted by the participants
    Category:Lymphomas and myeloma
    Chair: M.Dreyling, DE - P.L. Zinzani, IT

    13:15 Challenges, controversies and opportunities in non-Hodgkin’s lymphomaUpdates from the 2009 Pan Pacific Lymphoma Conference
    Chair: J.O. Armitage, US - F. Cavalli, CH
    A luncheon symposium organised by

    13:15 Welcome and introduction
    J.O. Armitage, US - F. Cavalli, CH

    13:20 The 2009 Pan Pacific Lymphoma Conference:Overview and history
    J.O. Armitage, US

    13:30 Interactive debate 1 - Conservative or aggressive therapy for mantle-cell lymphoma

    14:00 Rituximab maintenance for follicular lymphoma:Current state of the art

    14:30 Interactive debate 2 - Peripheral T-cell lymphoma:What is the best therapeutic strategy and when should transplantation be utilized

    15:00 Panel discussion - Pearls and pitfalls in lymphoma management: Lessons from Pan Pacific 2009
    All faculty

  • What is the role of imaging studies in patients who achieve a CR?
  • Does radiotherapy have a role in DLBCL?
  • What is the best induction regimen for advanced DLBCL?
  • Which prognostic markers should be used in treating CLL/SLL?
  • What are the current indications for allogeneic stem cell transplantation in NHL?
  • What is the current role of "functional imaging" in lymphoma management? 15:30 Closing remarks and adjournment
    J.O. Armitage, US - F. Cavalli, CH

    15:35 Distribution of CME certificates and departures


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