Imaging for Target Volume Determination in Radiotherapy

20. 6. 2010 - 24. 6. 2010, Atheneum Gedanense Novum, Gdansk, Poland


Vzdělávací program

  • Imaging techniques for GTV/CTV including ultrasound, CT, MRI , and PET
  • Functional and molecular imaging in oncolog
  • Optimal imaging guidelines in selected tumour sites
  • Target volume and margin definitions and determination including inter-observer variations
  • Acquisition of imaging data for treatment planning
  • Image handling, image fusion and networking
  • Target volumes for CNS tumours
  • GTV to PTV for H&N tumours
  • Target volumes for Breast nodal regions
  • Planning volumes for lung cancer including planning with PET/CT
  • G TV to PTV for pelvic tumours & pelvic nodes including urological, gynaecological and GI tumours
  • Geometric uncertainties in conformal radiotherapy and IMRT
  • Image registration for conformal therapy, IMRT and IGR T
  • Practical collaborative group exercises
  • Interactive plenary sessions for case solutions



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