Molecular Oncology for the Radiation Oncologist

30. 5. 2010 - 3. 6. 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark


Vzdělávácí program

Main topics of the course:
  • Molecular basis of cancer
  • Molecular basis of radiation response
  • Molecular basis for new targeted therapies
  • Molecular basis for patient treatment individualization
Questions addressed in the course include:
  • What are the most commonly altered pathways in cancer and how do they affect radiation response?
  • What is the response at the molecular level to radiation and how does this influence tumour and normal tissue behaviour?
  • How can our understanding of cancer and radiation response be used to develop new kinds of treatment?
  • Which pathways are already being targeted in combination with radiotherapy?
  • How will new genomic, proteomic and molecular imaging technologies be used to individualise patient treatment in the future?


Web: http://www.estro-e...openhagen2010.aspx

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