3D Image-based Brachytherapy in Gynaecological Maligancies

- , Warsaw, Poland


Vzdělávací program

  • Normal and pathologic anatomy of female pelvis
  • 3D Image based anatomy*: US, CT, MRI
  • GTV, CTV, PTV at diagnosis and at time of brachytherapy*
  • Indications for brachytherapy
  • Combination of brachytherapy and external beam therapy
  • Techniques*: overview on different application techniques (endocavitary and interstitial)
  • 3D image assisted and guided applications*
  • Treatment planning*:
    • Conventional techniques based on standard and individual loading patterns using point dose assessment including point A and ICRU reference points
    • Advanced techniques based on individual loading patterns determined by:
  • 3D image based dose volume assessment
  • Dose effects and Dose-volume effect;
  • Dose volume constraints for Targets and Organs at Risk*
  • Dose, Dose Rate and Fractionation: HDR, PDR, MDR, LDR
  • Estimate of radiobiological effects from brachytherapy and combined treatment based on linear-quadratic model*
  • Recording and Reporting including ICRU and GEC ESTRO Recommendations*
  • Therapeutic outcome (level of evidence)

    *Including practical interactive examples and a contouring workshop

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