Best Practice in Radiation Oncology. A Workshop to Train the RTT Trainers

- , Vienna, Austria

Vzdělávací program

  1. Train the RTT Trainers (5 days - August 30-September 3, 2010)
    Participants will define the topic for their first course and outlise an overall plan for the education programme. They will submit this in advance to the faculty. During this first week they will have introductory lectures on how to design, organise, and deliver and avaluate a course, suported by practical sessions. Preparatory research on the topic of the first course is required. At the end of the preparatory course, it is expected that participants will have:
    a. an outline programme for the first three day course, b. commenced the preparation of the topic that they will teach, c. have gained some skills in the preparation of lectures (collection and evaluation if information, preparing ppt presentations), d. a checklist and timetable of what they need to do, e. a network of contacts for support, g. the means to evaluate their course. h. identified a liaison perspn in their national education programme.
  2. First Local Course (3 days - between January and July 2011)
    The Local faculty will deliver a 3-day local course and evaluate this course. They will be visited by two of the international faculty who will attend for a part of the course and give a contributory lecture if required and of feasible.
  3. The Consolidation course (3days - 27 to 29 August 2011)
    The initial group will meet to discuss their courses, their successes and their failures, and how they will approach the preparation of a second (and third) course. They will evluate the entire programme including the longer term plan for education of RTTs within their own country. Lectures will be given in specific areas that need to be reinforced.
  4. Interim support for participants
    Interim support to the participants will be provided through E-learning via EAGLE. This can bve on an individual basis but also a series of pre-arranged group sessions could be very useful. All education initiatives based in this programme must be first approved by the faculty.
  5. National Education Programme
    Participants will have:
    • identified the leaders of the national education programme.
    • evaluated how their courses could integrate into the basic national education programme
  6. Second and Third local course (3days between January and December 2012)


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