Dermatological Advances

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Changing the face of dermatology landscape by leveraging global opportunities

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  • Day One, Thursday 3rd December, 2009

    09:30 Registration and refreshments

    10:00 Opening address from the chair

    10:10 Current & emerging trends in the global dermatological market
  • Overview of the global dermatology market
  • Regional differences in dermatology markets
  • Major therapy areas and market segments by value and volume
  • Recent trends in treatments and near term developments
  • Pharma companies activities and interests in dermatology

    John McDonald
    Director Business Development
    Astellas Pharma (Europe)

    10:50 Is Psoriasis driving the dermatological market?

    Dr Michael Tirant
    Psoriasis Specialist
    The Psoriasis and Skin Clinic (Australia)

    11:30 Morning refreshments

    11:50 Psoriasis and the biologics market
  • Psoriasis and biological drugs - an overview
  • Market dynamics and key drivers
  • Future opportunities and challenges

    Dr Volker Koscielny
    Medical Manager - Rheumatology/Dermatology

    12.30 Androgen receptor antagonists for the topical suppression of sebum production
  • The early discovery strategy used to identify novel non-steroidal anti androgen compounds and the results from clinical studies on one compound
  • An approach of reducing systemic effects by designing compounds for targeted follicular delivery
  • An analysis of the chemical property space of dermatologics

    Lorna Mitchell
    Medicinal Chemist

    13:10 Networking lunch

    14.10 Actinic Keratoses: new concepts, new treatments
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Therapeutic algorithm for Actinic Keratoses (AK)
  • Efficacy of Photodynamic Therapy treatment

    Prof Torello Lotti
    MD & Chair, Dermatology Dept., University of Florence
    President, International Society of Dermatology

    14:30 Skin examination and cancer screening
  • High-SPF sunscreens: are they effective in prevention?
  • Skin examination and cancer screening
  • Type, location, and extent of the lesions
  • Surgical or chemical destruction of the lesions

    Prof Jana Hercogová
    President, Czech Academy of Dermatology
    Chair, Communication Committee, EC International Society of Dermatology

    15:10 Inflammatory Dermatoses - interlink between skin, brain and immune system
  • Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with immune and dermatological disorders
  • The role of neuropeptides in the pathophysiology of inflammatory dermatoses
  • Novel therapeutic approaches emerging from the field of dermatopsychiatry

    Dr Emilio Arbe
    Senior Director - Clinical Research
    Stiefel Laboratories

    15:50 Afternoon refreshments

    16:10 Understanding Dermatitis
  • Domination by systemic corticosteroids
  • New formulations creating generic competition
  • Long term treatments for contact dermatitis

    Prof Georg Stingl
    Department of Dermatology
    Medical University of Vienna

    16:50 Laser tissue regeneration and laser mediated pain relief
  • How low level laser therapy (LLLT) heals wounds and reduces pain
  • Applications – Non-healing wounds, post operative inflammation and pain
  • Evidence – LLLT clinical trials (RCTs) and comparisons with NSAIDs
  • Demonstration (Video)

    James Carroll
    Founder & CEO
    THOR Photomedicine

    17:30 Closing remarks from the chair

    17:35 Networking drinks
    Take your discussions further and build new relationships in a relaxed and informal setting

    Day Two, Friday 4th December, 2009

    09:30 Registration and refreshments

    10:00 Opening address from the chair

    10:10 Trends in cosmetic development in EMEA
  • Trends in new formulations in cosmetics
  • Impact of the new EU regulations on cosmetics development
  • Natural versus chemical: what is the future?

    Line Vivier
    EMEA Franchise Manager
    Stiefel Laboratories

    10:50 Toxicology in consumer health care and dermatology business
  • Safety assessment in this ever changing regulatory world
  • How to define the risk threshold in dermatology treatments
  • Predictive toxicology in current dermatology new treatments

    Marc Princivalle
    Head of Risk Assessment EMEA - Director of Toxicology
    Stiefel Laboratories

    11:30 Morning refreshments

    11:50 Regulatory compliances for cosmetic dermatology
  • Shared regulation for Botox and dermal fillers
  • Proposed deregulation to proportionate regulation for cosmetic class 3b/4 lasers/intense pulse lights
  • GMP for cosmetic dermatology/treatments

    Sally Taber
    Independent Healthcare Advisory Services

    12:30 Evaluating technologies for cosmetic dermatology
  • Use of imaging systems to evaluate skin
  • Imaging systems in clinical trials
  • Claim support dilemmas
  • Correlation of data
  • Nematodes - how not to annoy advertising authorities and consultants

    Dr Theresa M. Callaghan
    Independent Consultant – Dermatology

    13:00 Networking lunch

    14.00 Non-invasive skin care & active cosmetics
  • Role of skin care actives- moisturisation, photoprotection and anti-aging
  • Non- invasive procedures (skin peels, microdermabrasion) in conjunction with skin care actives
  • Understanding the market for active cosmetics in the developing world

    Harish Mahalingam
    Associate Director, Global Medical Affairs
    Novartis Consumer Health

    14:30 Wound management in dermatology
  • Wound management of chronic wounds today – products and practice
  • Current challenges
  • Future changes in wound management
  • What will drive the changes?

    Bill Pigg
    VP - Product Development & Quality

    15:00 Fractional laser skin rejuvenation
  • Understanding fractional photothermolysis
  • Discuss the availability of current fractional technologies
  • Typical clinical outcomes
    Speaker to be confirmed
    Lynton Lasers

    15:20 Hair disorders
  • Alopecia – unraveling predisposition to pattern hair loss
  • New ingredients – new hope?
  • Links between skin and hair – how can problems with your skin affect your hair?

    Gill Westgate
    Commercial Manager, Centre for Skin Sciences, Bradford University
    Director, Westgate Consultancy

    15:50 Afternoon refreshments

    16:10 Panel discussion: Cosmetic dermatology & medical ethics
  • Does it meet the ethical values?
  • Challenges: safety and long-term efficacy of cosmetic surgery procedures
  • How is it driving the consumer desire?

    16.50 Case study: Future trends in dermatology towards 2015
    Expert Rater Assisted Symptom Evaluation (ERASE): a novel web-based technique to confirm diagnosis and enhance signal detection in randomised, controlled trials

    Joep Schoemaker
    Senior Clinical Project Scientist
    Schering Plough Research Institute

    17:30 Chairs closing remarks

    17:40 End of Conference


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