Physics for Clinical Radiotherapy

- , Budapest, Hungary


Vzdělávací program

  • 1. Lectures on:
  • Basics of 3DCRT
  • IMRT- physics aspects
  • IMRT - basics of clinical application
  • Basics of stereotactic radiotherapy
  • Basics of brachytherapy
  • Volume in external beal radiotherapy
  • Imaging for GTV definition I
  • Imaging for GTV definition II (for clinicians)
  • CT for treatment preparation and planning
  • IGRT - equipment for in-room imaging
  • IGRT - tumour set-up correction tsrategies
  • Radiobiology dose and induction of secondary tumours
  • In-vivo dosimetry
  • Principles of radiation therapy equipment (for clinicians)
  • Basic radiation physics, I and II (for clinicians)
  • Basic dose calculation principles (for clinicians)
  • Calculation of dose distribution in TPS (for clinicians)
  • Calssification systems in oncology (for physicists)
  • Reference dosimetry (for physicists)
  • Non-reference dosimetry (for physicists)
  • Basic dose plan algorythms (for physicists)
  • Advanced dose plan algorythms (for physicists)
  • Radiation protection (for physicists)

    2. Clinical cases discussions on:
    The participants are invited to prepare treatment plans for four selected clinical cases, based on case descriptions and CT scans as provided prior to the course. During the course, the plans are discussed in small groups, guided by a clinician and physicist teacher.


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