World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer: Asian Perspectives

- , The Westin Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

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  • Abstrakta do 30. června 2009

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Friday, 28 August 2009
8:00 Welcome and Introduction
8:05 Epidemiology and causes of GI cancer
Session I: Esophageal Cancer
8:25 Surgery for esophageal cancer
8:45 Multimodality treatment of esophageal cancer
9:05 The role of expandable metallic stents in malignant gastroduodenal
9:25 Case discussion: Management of esophageal cancer
9:50 Coffee break
Session II: Rare gastrointestinal malignancies
10:10 Modern management of GIST tumors
10:20 Neuroendocrine tumors
10:40 Case Discussions
Session III: Gastric Cancer
11:05 Diagnosis and endoscopic management of early gastric cancer
11:25 Surgical management of gastric cancer
11:45 Case discussion: Neo-adjuvant and adjuvant therapy for gastric cancer in the resected and unresected setting
12:05 Chemotherapy of advanced gastric cancer
12:25 Case discussion on gastric cancer
12:50 Lunch break
Session IV: Hepatobiliary tumors
13:50 Surgical management of hepatocellular cancer and biliary cancers
14:10 Non-surgical local treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma
14:30 Systemic treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
14:50 Radiation therapy for HCC
15:10 Case discussion: Management of hepatocellular carcinoma
15:35 Coffee break
Session V: Highlights from 2009 in upper GI cancer management
15:55 Molecular analysis of upper GI cancer
16:15 Are targeted agents promising for upper GI cancer?
16:35 Highlights from the ASCO Annual Meeting and the ESMO Conference: 11th World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer
16:55 Adjourn
Saturday, 29 August 2009
8:30 Welcome and Introduction
Session VI: Pancreatic Cancer
8:35 Surgical management of pancreatic cancer
8:55 Adjuvant treatment of pancreatic cancer
9:15 Treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer
9:35 Case Discussion: Management of biliary tract cancer
10:00 Coffee break
Session VII: Advanced Colorectal Cancer
10:20 What is the optimal cytotoxic regimen in advanced colorectal cancer?
10:40 Angiogenesis inhibitors in metastatic colorectal cancer
11:00 EGFR inhibitors in metastatic colorectal cancer
11:20 Predictive molecular markers in colorectal cancer
11:40 What are the implications of molecular analysis of colorectal cancer in Asia?
12:00 Case discussion: Colorectal cancer
12:25 Lunch Symposium Session VIII: Liver Metastases in Colorectal Cancer v 13:00 A colorectal surgeon’s perspective on surgical management of liver metastases
13:20 Adjuvant or neoadjuvant treatment for liver metastases
13:40 Timing of resection of liver metastases
14:00 Case Presentation
Session IX: Localized Colorectal Cancer
14:20 Surgical management of rectal cancer
14:40 Adjuvant therapy for colorectal cancer
15:00 Closing remarks
15:05 Adjourn


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