Konference: 2014 19th Congress of the European Hematology Association - účast ČR

Kategorie: Myelodysplastický syndrom

Téma: Myelodysplastic syndromes - Clinical (Poster)

Číslo abstraktu: P325

Autoři: Mgr. Bronislava Dřevojánková; Mgr. Aneta Strnková; Mgr. Martina Stoklasová; MUDr. Lucie Dostálová; Mgr. Alena Burdová; Mgr. Tamara Šablaturová; Mgr. Jana Žmolíková; MUDr. Drahomíra Klodová; MUDr. Jaromír Gumulec; MUDr. Dagmar Adamová; MUDr. Marek Wróbel; MUDr. Martin Brejcha


Background: The myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are a group of hematopoietic disorders characterized by clonal hematopoiesis, impaired differentiation, peripheral-blood cytopenias, and a risk of progression to acute myeloid leukemia. Conventional cytogenetic analysis (CCA) is one of many prognostic factors included in International Prognostic Scoring System (IPSS).

Aims: Compare our data with  New Comprehensive  Cytogenetic Scoring System defined by Schanz et al. 2012.

Methods: We investigated 728 patients (346 men, 382 woman) with primary MDS in years 2003-2013. The CCA was performed on bone marrow samples using short time cultivation (24-48 hours). Interphase FISH (I-FISH) was carried out using DNA probes designed to detect  5q, 7q, 11q, 12p, 17p and 20q deletions, trisomy 8, loss Y (MetaSystems Germany, Abbott Molecular).

Results: We cultivated 94 % of samples succesfully. Chromosomal aberrations were detected in 22 % of patients analyzed using CCA and I-FISH. CCA revealed chromosomal aberrations in 8 % of patients with negative I-FISH results. For statistical analysis of our data we followed The New Comprehensive  Cytogenetic Scoring System of chromosomal aberrations in MDS defined by Schanz (Schanz J, et al. J Clin Oncol 2012) and we classified chromosomal abnormalities into five prognostic subgroups: very good -20 patients(3 %), good – 556 patients (81 %), intermediate -41 patients (6 %), poor – 22 patients (3 %) and very poor – 43 patients (6 %).

Summary/Conclusion: We compared our data with  New Comprehensive  Cytogenetic Scoring System defined by Schanz et al. 2012 and our results are consistent with it. We were able to classify 686 of our patients into this scoring system. According to our results it is important to combined both cytogenetic methods (CCA and I-FISH) to correct classification of patients into prognostic subgroups and suggest appropriate therapy.

Keywords: Chromosomal abnormality, Cytogenetics, FISH, MDS

Datum přednesení příspěvku: 13. 6. 2014