Analysis of overall survival and safety during the course of the phase III VELOUR trial comparing FOLFIRI and ziv-aflibercept or placebo in mCRC patients who progressed on prior oxaliplatin treatment.

Konference: 2013 49th ASCO Annual Meeting - účast ČR

Kategorie: Gastrointestinální nádory

Téma: Gastrointestinal (Colorectal) Cancer

Číslo abstraktu: 3574

Autoři: Prof. M.D. Paul Ruff; MUDr. Radek Lakomý, Ph.D.; Doc. MUDr. Jana Prausová, Ph.D., MBA; Dr. Guy van Hazel; Vladimir Mikhailovich Moiseyenko; Prof. Joseph McKendrick; Emmanuelle Boelle, PhD; Remi Castan; Teresa Macarulla, MD; Eric Van Cutsem

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J Clin Oncol 31, 2013 (suppl; abstr 3574)


Background: VELOUR, a large, international, randomized, placebo (pbo)-controlled study, compared efficacy and safety of FOLFIRI with ziv-aflibercept (known as aflibercept outside the United States) or with pbo in 1,226 metastatic colorectal cancer patients who received prior oxaliplatin treatment. Ziv-aflibercept demonstrated statistically significant, clinically meaningful improvements in median overall survival (OS) (13.5 vs 12.06 mos; hazard ratio [HR]=0.817, P=0.0032), progression-free survival, and response rate. This analysis estimates treatment effect and safety over time course of the study. Methods: HRs by 6-mo time periods were estimated using piecewise Cox proportional hazard model. NCI-CTCAE v3.0 was used to grade adverse event (AE) severity. Results: HR improved over time (Table), consistent with survival curves that continue to separate past the median time point, indicating that the magnitude of ziv-aflibercept treatment effect continues to increase over time. Incidence of grade 3 AEs (45.1% vs 62.0%) was higher in the ziv-aflibercept/FOLFIRI arm; incidences of grade 4 AEs were 17.4% (pbo) vs 21.4% (ziv-aflibercept). More common AEs only occurred in a small proportion of ziv-aflibercept/FOLFIRI cycles (eg, grade ≥3 hypertension and diarrhea occurred in 3.6% and 2.8% of cycles, respectively). The majority of grade 3/4 AEs occurred in early treatment (first 3-4 cycles). Most patients experienced only a single episode of grade ≥3 AEs with ziv-aflibercept/FOLFIRI. Importantly, AEs in VELOUR did not impact patients’ ability to receive chemotherapy. Conclusions: Treatment with ziv-aflibercept/FOLFIRI showed continuous, consistent improvement in OS over time. While combined grade 3/4 AEs were higher with ziv-aflibercept, AEs occurred early in treatment in a small proportion of total cycles; the majority were single-episode in nature. Clinical trial information: NCT00561470.

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