Konference: 2008 33st Congress ESMO - účast ČR

Kategorie: Organizace, hodnocení a standardizace onkologické péče

Téma: Health services and public health

Číslo abstraktu: 716P

Autoři: E. Vrdoljak; M.Z. Wojtukiewicz; Dr. Tadeusz Pienkowski; M.D. György Bodoky, Ph.D.; P. Beržinec; prof. MUDr. Jindřich Fínek, Ph.D.; Dr. Semir Beslija; V. Todorevic; N. Borojevic; U. Yilmaz

Background: Amongst European countries, wide differences in quality of oncology care are observed. The comparison of status of oncology among countries in Eastern, Southern and Central European region has never been performed and key barriers to deliver appropriate quality of care have not been identified yet. Registration and reimbursement process, a sufficient budget for oncology treatments, specially for novel oncology drugs, as well as updated national guidelines and regularly improved professional skills are means for mastered oncology status and should be investigated in the Eastern-Southern European region.

Aims: The aim of the SEEROG initiative was to find out how oncology care is organized in Eastern, Central and Southern European countries and compare the level of oncology services and regulations in oncology care either among themselves or with Western European countries. SEEROG initiative has been making attempts to identify key barriers in cancer care in each country in order to construct a pathway to improve cancer patient care.

Methods: A questionnaire with 14 main fields of oncology care has been developed (Epidemiology and registry, Dynamics/trends, Market regulation, Reimbursement system, Novel drugs funding, Health Care system, Oncology care structure, Treatment monitoring, Referral models, National guidelines, Education of doctors and patients, Role of internet, Public cancer awareness, Benchmarking, Main gaps/needs). The questionnaire has been sent to experts in ten European countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Turkey.

Results: Preliminary outcomes will be presented for 10 countries that completed the questionnaire in 14 sections listed above.

Discussion: The holistic depiction applied in this project will allow assessing the level of quality of cancer care dimensions and provide more detailed description of oncology care in Eastern, Central and Southern European countries.

Datum přednesení příspěvku: 12. 9. 2008