Overestimation of radiation-induced malignancy after Chernobyl accident

Konference: 2008 IV. ročník DDPEO A I. ročník sympózia O cílené biologické léčbě

Kategorie: Ostatní

Téma: Prognostické a prediktivní faktory

Číslo abstraktu: 019

Autoři: Sergei V. Jargin

After the Chernobyl accident appeared numerous publications containing interpretation of spontaneous diseases as radiation-induced and conclusions about cancer incidence increase without comparison with general growth tendencies. Improved diagnostics and population screening after the accident are not always taken into account in evaluations of cancer incidence. In some studies, overestimation was caused by non-random case selection. According to the UNSCEAR 2000 report, incidence of all malignancies remained after the Chernobyl accident within statistical error in agreement with growth tendency for Russia in general (except for thyroid carcinoma in children and adolescents). Latent carcinomas and borderline lesions diagnosed as malignancies, as well as certain percentage of false-positive conclusions, contributed to high incidence figures.


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