Smileon: supporting innovative learning approaches through mobile integration in the workplace - oncology nursing: Results from the first pilot

Konference: 2013 38th Congress ESMO a 17th Congress ECCO - 32nd ESTRO-účast ČR

Kategorie: Podpůrná onkologická léčba, výživa nemocných a ošetřovatelská péče

Téma: Oncology Nursing

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Autoři: RN, MsC Paz Fernández Ortega, PhD; A. Milani; Mgr. Marie Marková, Ph.D.; Aurelija Blaževičienė; Alina Vaskelyte, PhD; Katarina Lokar; Assoc.Prof. Ebru Akgün Çıtak, PhD; Assoc.Prof. Sultan Kav

Background: Use of mobile technology can allow the learning process to be facilitated outside and beyond the classroom contexts in which most oncology nursing training currently takes place.

Objectives: The aim of the project is to develop a new approach to training using mobile devices to extend learning activity into daily practice. This methodology was supported by a toolkit designed for tablets that use the Android operating system. Using these devices, nurses will be able to communicate in real time in the work place and access relevant content according to their needs.

Material and Methods: The project has involved needs analysis, development of appropriate learning methodology and mobile toolkit to support it. The approach were piloted in each of the partner countries (Spain, Czech, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania and Turkey). The focus of the first pilot was the validation of the learning methodology and approach. The aim was to ensure that the toolkit and methodology proposed actually do facilitate and enrich the learning experience for the nurses. Sixty-six nurses from partnering countries were involved into first pilot and have been using the system. It was took a period of one month. Data were collected via both quantitative and qualitative; the quantitative instruments were series of questionnaires, based on Likert scale items (0–5) and semi-structure questionnaire were used for qualitative data.

Results: Nurses indicated that this approach was useful (mean = 5) and it was excellent choice for learning, it was relevant and effective (mean = 4). They mostly used tablets at home (mean = 4). They suggested some technical applications such as space for discussion under documents or photos, list of latest news, email notification daily activities etc.).

Conclusions: The methodology was certainly found as positive, relevant and effective in health workplace. Users are able to introduce the use of the methodology in clinical practice (for example for beginning nurses) with some technical modifications.

*Funded with support from the European Commission (518383-LLP-1-ES-LEONARDO-LMP)

No conflict of interest.

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