Quality Control Measurements of PET System Siemens Ecat Accel

Konference: 2005 1. ročník Dny diagnostické, prediktivní a experimentální onkologie

Kategorie: Onkologická diagnostika

Téma: Postery

Číslo abstraktu: P008

Autoři: M. Havlíček; Ing. Jiří Bartl; V. Petláková

Aim of this work is quality control measurements of PET system Siemens Ecat Accel in practice.

Material and Methods: EC emission phantom T43004 for PET and SPET (PTW Freiburg, Germany), dose calibrator Curiementor 3 (PTW Freiburg, Germany), PET system Ecat Accel (Siemens, Germany). For periodic quality tests of PET system is often selected and at once recommended by manufacturer homogeneity test only. Other important information about PET system quality as Spatial resolution capability, Scatter fraction, Sensitivity (efficiency) and Dead time are measured usually at acceptance test only or even not at all. All mentioned quality tests match to NEMA Standard NU 2-1994 or 2001 (Spatial resolution capability) and they can be made in both acquisition modes (2 and 3-dimensional). Results respond specifications mentioned by manufacturer.

Conclusion: Benefit of all quality tests (except Dead time) is short time of measurement and small used activity of 18F-FDG. Therefore is possible to do mentioned tests after each normalization of PET scanner (usually each two or three months).

Datum přednesení příspěvku: 10. 12. 2005