SureFISH and fast IQFISH technology - new perspectives in molecular diagnostics

Konference: 2015 11. sympózium molekulovej patológie s medzinárodnou účasťou a Martinské dni nelekárskych pracovníkov v patológii

Kategorie: Onkologická diagnostika


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Autoři: A. Mrozkowiak; J. Jimmy

Cancer cells contain chromosomal rearrangements that result in oncogene activation. Identification of genes' structure alteration is crucial in establishing proper diagnosis.

Agilent has developed a new generation of fluorescently labeled in situ hybridization (SureFISH) probes for the detection of these rearrangements. SureFISH probes are comprised of thousands of unique long oligonucleotides that are tiled across the targeted chromosomal specific regions. The oligonucleotides are synthesized using Agilent's Oligonucleotide Library Synthesis (OLS) technology. SureFISH probes are designed to detect the translocated sequences using both break-apart and dual fusion strategies. Custom designs can be generated that target almost any genomic region, allowing for the production of probes that are not possible using other methods.

Another breakthrough invention is IQFISH Fast Hybridization Buffer that facilitates the fastest FISH testing on the market. Using SureFISH probes in combination with IQFISH Fast Hybridization Buffer allow the completion of FISH procedure in less than 4 working hours.

Wide SureFISH portfolio of probes, possibility of custom design and fast IQFISH testing opens new perspectives in molecular diagnostics.

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