The Role of Bone Scan in the Diagnosis and Spread of Bone Metastases.

Konference: 2008 XXXII. Brněnské onkologické dny a XXII. Konference pro sestry a laboranty

Kategorie: Onkologická diagnostika

Téma: VI. Zobrazovací metody v onkologii

Číslo abstraktu: 066(p256)

Autoři: F.J. Nasirova; MUDr. Ladislav Zadražil; K. Shiraliyev O.; Petr Libus

Metastases in bones can be the firstt display of tumoral process at 1025 % of patients. Careful clinicalradiological examination allows to reveal a primary tumor at 72 % of patients. The display of metastatic involvement is more often absent at the cancer of lung, kidney, thyroid gland and melanoma. That’s why the combined imaging together with computer tomography (CT) can be useful for CT has high sensitivity for osteolytic lesions. On the other hand bone metastases which contain greater osteoplastic activity like those from prostatitic or breast cancer are more easily detected at the bone scan. You can find in added CT images both osteosclerotic and joined osteolytic changes there. The character of bone lesions can be changed within the therapy as well.

Purpose of the presented work was studying feature of frequency metastases of malignant tumors of various localizations in bone system on the basis of the data of bone scan. The metastatic spots were estimated at their present and number of spread in skeleton.


Apparently, high sensitivity and possibility to visualize the whole skeleton, bone scan as initial basic imaging, shows existence, number and location of secondary spots at patients with oncologycal diagnosis. The received data testifies that metastases of tumors are mainly located in bones of an axial skeleton. According to our opportunities the patients with finding of various spots no typical for malignant involvement of skeleton should be classify and treated like bone negative. In these cases the risk of false negative result is very low. We find mostly osteophytes and spondylarthrotic changes in corresponding CT scans.

Datum přednesení příspěvku: 17. 4. 2008